Oak Ridge Rowing Association


Oak Ridge Rowing Association was founded in 1978 with a mission to promote the sport of rowing in Oak Ridge and East Tennessee.   Now in it's 40th year of service, ORRA is home to the Atomic Juniors and Masters Rowing Teams. Our home water, on the calm and protected waters of Melton Lake, provides the perfect venue for Championship Rowing Regattas and an enviable location for Spring Training.

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2019 Summer Programs

ORRA offers Summer Programs for everyone. Youth, ages 11-18 may choose from introductory programs through advanced sessions for competitive athletes. Adults are offered programs that provide a progression from those first Learn-to-Row strokes through competitive local, Regional and National events.


Youth Summer Camps
June 17-21 · June 24-28 · July 8-12 · July 15-19

Four separate summer camps for the beginning rower. No experience necessary. Open to boys and girls ages 11-17. Learn rowing fundamentals in a fun, team-driven atmosphere. Five days, 9:00am-12:00pm each day. Camp t-shirt included.

Youth Varsity Sculling Camp
June 17 - July 19

5-week camp. Focused technical work with an emphasis on improved proficiency in small sculling boats. Includes significant conditioning work to increase aerobic fitness. Limited slots available. Targeted to experienced rowers on current varsity programs. Five days per week, 1:00-3:00pm daily. Limited to 30 athletes.

Youth Novice Sculling Camps
June 17 - 28 · July 8 - 19

Two separate two-week summer camps for novice rowers and varsity rowers with little to no experience sculling. Focused technical work will increase comfort in sculling boats and translate to better balance and speed in sweep discipline. Five days per week, 4:00-6:00pm daily. Limited to 30 athletes per session.


Adult Learn to Row
July 8-31 · August 5-28

Two separate sessions, one each in July and August. No experience necessary. LTR provides the foundation for new rowers to learn the initial mechanics of the rowing stroke, and to apply that knowledge in large sweep rowing boats. This class is the perfect introduction for adults curious about the sport. Each session is four weeks, twice per week, on Monday and Wednesday evening from 6:15pm until 8:15pm. Will focus on sweep rowing and sculling. No ORRA Membership required.

Adult Learn to Row +
June 3 - September 25

Three separate sessions, one each in July, August and September. Either the Adult Learn to Row or some previous rowing experience is the preferred prerequisite. LTR+ builds on the foundation from LTR, introducing full-boat rowing, increased stroke rates and intensity, and an emphasis on how the members of a boat can effectively work together to propel the shell through the water. LTR+ remains focused on technique and coordinating all those moving parts. Each session is four weeks, twice per week, on Monday and Wednesday evening from 6:15pm until 8:15pm. Will include both sweep rowing and sculling. LTR+ rowers can repeat additional LTR+ sessions or progress to the Masters Program based on their comfort level. ORRA Membership for LTR+ is required. Note that the annual membership fee is prorated to coincide with the October renewal date.

Masters Rowing
April - August · October - March

Masters Rowing continues the progression from LTR+, with rowers of increasing skills working to hone their abilities. Masters Rowing spans recreational through competitive rowers, with the coaching emphasis shifting to technique and stroke efficiency as pressure and stroke rate rise. Considerable time is spent on ensuring that the team members in a shell are working together, building consistency through repetition. Significantly higher emphasis on nutrition, stretching, strength and conditioning, all adjusted to the individual. Each session is six months, twice per week, on Tuesday and Thursday eveninsg from 6:15pm until 8:15pm. Includes both sweep rowing and sculling. ORRA Membership is required. Note that the annual membership fee may be prorated to coincide with the October renewal date.