A Letter from Our President....

Dear Oak Ridge Rowing Association Members,

I want to thank those of you that were able to attend the Annual Membership meeting last night.  I am very pleased to again report that our club is strong financially and we are continuing to grow.  We are very fortunate to have the best coaching staff in the Southeast and with Shannon's continued leadership, vision and passion, we will continue to grow our programs and cheer our teams - both Juniors and Masters - as they stand on the podium to receive their hard earned medals.

I also want to thank Sarah McAuliffe for leading Spring Training and Jon Neveu for keeping us on the straight and narrow financially.  Please see the attached video that was produced and sent to all potential spring training teams. (Special thanks go out to Marc Derose at the CVB for his assistance with the video).

We have developed a very strong and passionate Board of Directors.  We would not have accomplished nearly as much without the efforts of retiring board members Karen Clark, Donna Lambert-Lusinger and Leslie Rutherford.  We all thank you for your service to the advancement of rowing in East Tennessee and to the ORRA Membership.  With departures, comes new ideas and strengths to the Board and I am very happy to let you know that the Membership elected five new board members to a three year term.  They are no strangers to ORRA:  Dan Drapp, Jan Kameen, Dick Martin, MJ Sill and Eric Spector.  We thank you for your commitments to serve ORRA.

We also received an update on the 8th Lane Project which has received funding due to the hard work of Senator Randy McNally and Representative John Ragan along with the commitment of the City of Oak Ridge.

Again this year we have a very aggressive Regatta Schedule including three University of Tennessee Women's Scrimmages, the Louisville Cardinal Invitational, the SIRA Championships, the Dogwood Junior Championships, the Big 12 Championships and the Dogwood Masters Classic (all linked on ORRA's website).  It will be a busy Spring and we will once again be looking to our fabulous volunteers to make these "world class events."

Finally, we were all very happy to present Betsy Spooner with a plaque symbolizing a Life Time commitment to rowing along with the unveiling of one of our new boats in Steve and Betsy's honor (shown below).  In this way, Steve and Betsy's legacy will live on for years to come. 

Thank you and as always, please send me any questions or concerns that you may have.


Russell Byrd


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