The Melton Lake Rowing Venue, located in Oak Ridge, Tennessee is one of the country’s most beloved rowing venues.  Surrounded by the mountain ridges that give Oak Ridge her name, there are more than 30 miles of well-sheltered and calm water. There are multiple head race options, of both 4500m or 5000m, curving gently through the county, as well as a fully buoyed 7-lane 1000 and 2000m race courses for the sprint race season. The sprint course provides consistent current flow across all lanes, resulting in fair and predictable results. The Melton Lake venue can easily support both small and large events, with a sheltered embayment with room for more than 60 team trailers, and six separate Launch and Recovery docks. The dedicated athlete area is immediately adjacent to the launch/recovery docks, and a large spectator area provides teams and supporters with a shady view of the head and sprint race finish areas.

The sprint race course is fully equipped for championship level regattas and includes:

  • Referee/Starter Tower
  • Referee/Aligner Platform 
  • Adjustable start docks in each lane
  • Large markers at start, finish and each 500m point along race course
  • Three story finish line Referee Tower