Become an ORRA Volunteer!  

ORRA hosts several regattas throughout the spring and fall seasons.  We count on the unwavering support of our volunteers to help make each regatta a success.  Thank you very much for you support of ORRA!  

We love our Volunteers!!


The following Events will provide Volunteer Opportunities in 2019! Choose the event-specific link for more information and to sign up as a volunteer.

  • The Louisville Cardinal Invitational Regatta.
  • The Southern Intercollegiate Rowing Association Championship Regatta (SIRA). 
  • The Dogwood Juniors Championship Regatta.
  • The BigXII Conference Championship.
  • The Dogwood Masters Regatta. 
  • The Secret City Head Race. 

*Times subject to change as the event schedule finalizes.


Roles of our Volunteers

There are a large number of roles that need happy faces during regattas. In general, volunteer opportunities can be categorized as -

• General help. This includes parking, docks and site work.  These roles are a great way to become involved, without lots of prior knowledge of the inner workings. ORRA will provide clear, concise directions, and an easy way to call for help.

• Registration. These support roles are critical. Minimal training in advance is required, but you;re never on your own. ORRA or the regatta host will provide an experienced supervisor who intimately understands the regatta organization and has direct contact with the regatta director. 

• Control Commission (includes athlete and cox weigh-ins, boat inspection). This is an area that also relies heavily on volunteers. Control Commission manages the ingress and egress of all boats and crews as they practice, race, and return. A short training session is required. USRowing referees will provide oversight during these activities. There will also be an ORRA Control Commission Lead to keep everything running smoothly. 

• Start Line. In sprint races, ORRA will use a rotating crew to help stakeboat the race starts. These volunteers work directly with the aligner to ensure that their crew is positioned fairly at the start lane. No experience necessary, and this is the best viewing location for the entire regatta as you get to watch the race start for every event, from just inches away.

• Finish Line. There are several roles at the Finish Tower. Timers work in conjunction with the referees to establish the winning times and order of finish for crews. Other volunteers may use a large flag to signal the point at which the bow ball of a crew has reached the finish line. Others may assist with the electronic timing services, posting results, or other similar activities.  Some of these are highly skilled positions, but most require just a short familiarization session, and the presence of USRowing referees to manage the overlapping activities.

• Launch Driver. This is a key volunteer role that requires skilled boat operators that can work on-water, following races, with a referee in the bow. Referees will use hand signals to the driver to indicate lane changes, position adjustments, and other important information. Launch drivers are in the heart of the action, following racing crews directly from behind, and assisting with safety and timing requirements. Significant experience operating small boats is required. ORRA provides tailored training to make your experience on the water remarkable and memorable. More details

• Course Marshals. For safety reasons, it is important to have line-of-sight coverage over the entire length of the course as well as warm-up and cool-down areas. In some cases, that function is performed by a trained volunteer.

• Safety Marshals. ORRA will frequently provide on-the-water safety personnel who have no other official function than being available to help people in distress. These can be either volunteers or first responders. Be aware that most fire and police personnel are unfamiliar with rowing and need to be advised about wakes and how to approach a shell in trouble.