Atomic Junior Uniforms, Training and Casual Gear

All Juniors are now able to purchase their uniform and other gear from the Online JL Store.  This store is specifically for Atomic Juniors and will only be open until February 11 (to insure that all gear arrives before first race).  The design of the uniform has not changed so if you already have the required gear you do not have to buy it again.


Required Gear:

1) Atomic Unisuit - to be worn for racing only (not for practice) 

2) Atomic Long sleeve warm up shirt - may be worn for practice, warm up and/or racing

3) Atomic Polo Shirt - to be worn for team travel and social events 


Other Important Information:

  • Any gear that is not required may be used for training and/or casual wear; in some cases it can be used for racing
  • Uniform gear design will not change without ample notice.  Any changes to current gear design will be phased in over 2 years.
  • When Ordering: If there are any concerns with sizing on the racing uni, be sure to record the athlete's height, weight, and chest, waist, and hip measurements in the notes upon online check-out.
  • All ordered gear items ship to one primary contact (Risa Freeman) and are then distributed to the team (This reduces shipping costs for all).
  • Gear Ordering questions and issues can be handled via the Atomic Boosters Gear primary contact - Risa Freeman, or 865.335.2986